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Is ProPricer the right tool for your company?

Executive Business Service (EBS) located in Temecula, California has offered pricing software since the mid-1980´s. The software utilizes a database approach for preparing pricing data and includes numerous features to assist with the manipulation of the data as often occurs in strategic bidding. Alternatively the data can be obtained through imports from scheduling tools such as MS Project, however, the pricing data is compiled on a monthly basis in ProPricer which can lead to issues with fiscal year based monthly cutoffs.

The software databases can be either MS Access or Oracle and are relatively easy to install. Originally intended to be a single user, single system tool it now is frequently installed on networks and published in tools such as Citrix. Due to the need for significant access to the underlying database it is not used on a VPN, however, it can be installed in a Terminal Server environment and operate effectively.

Recently the product versions were restructured to include a government audit, standard edition and estimator edition. The estimator edition was previously called ProBidder. Also previously, the company had offered a Personal Edition of ProPricer which has now been reintroduced and a similar Small Business edition is currently being tested by the company.

We have prepared numerous client proposals using the ProPricer software individually licensed to our customers and have found it to be reliable and well-designed. The Standard Reports have frequently taken the place of elaborate and unreliable spreadsheets. The custom reporting features are difficult to use so we have focused on using the ProPricer software as a pricing engine and extended it's reporting capability through the use of data exports and pivot tables. The company is currently working on replacing the reports module to eliminate unexpected issues that can occur when using a third party report writer.

We believe that ProPricer will significantly improve the pricing process for any company which is bidding on Government Contracts using spreadsheet or similar models and it serves as a solid platform for maintaining a consistent and compliant estimating system. Contact EBS at for detailed information or call us to obtain an independent review of how this system can help your company.

Prepared by Ron Gerbasi 9/14/11
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